Thyroid and extremely high cholesterol

Hi all, wanted to ask if any of you with secondary’s have developed thyroid issues since beng dx as well as high cholesterol? I recently had a blood test and was informed by my GP that I do have an underactive thyroid as well as very high cholesterol. GP wants to wait until I’ve seen Onc. before prescribing anything and wont sort the cholesterol out until we’ve got the thyroid under control. Gonig for my latest CT scan results on Friday so will be asking Onc. but was wondering if anyone else is suffering with these problems and if they are associated with being dx with secondary breast cancer. I certainly didn’t ever go to the doctors before all of this happened to me and was in good health or so I thought. I am on continued herceptin which I understand can affect your heart muscle (I go for 3 monthly heart scans) what with the added high cholesterol I am worried about my poor ticker. Any advice would be most appreciated.

Hi sarahlouise

Are you on AIs as well as Herceptin? They can cause cholesterol to rise, in fact it’s normally in the side effects bit of the leaflet but listed as blood lipids just to confuse us.

Goid luck with getting the thyroid under control, it could just be an age related change and nothing to do with BC.

Nicky x

Hi Sarahlouise - I developed thyroid problems as soon as I finished my primary treatments. Initially it went overactive and then settled as underactive. My doctor called it autoimmune thyroiditis. Another BC lady reckoned it could be to do with the menopause. I went into the menopause as a result of chemo and the thyroid problem was straight after that, so I don’t know what caused what but I guess there’s a link in one way or another.  I don’t know about my cholesterol. I hope they soon get your thyroid under control, but it took a while for me to feel that the tablets were working.


Hi all,

Many thanks to all who have replied to this thread. I went into hospital today for results of CT scan and happily can report no change everything still stable or the same as the last one. However, I didn’t get any joy with the thyroid the doc’s don’t agree that it has anything to do with my treatment and have said its not a matter relating to cancer so therefore its GP’s dept. urghhhh… I think they are wrong it is to do with cancer as its been caused by treatment so back to the drawing board and the GP to discuss options although i reckon they will re test me in 3 months time as proposed by GP. They were equally not interested in my high cholesterol and wouldn’t even entertain a discussion on that topic. Feeling elated at the scan results and deflated by the rest. Thanks to all for gettting back to me .

Hi again Sarahlouise - that’s great news about your scan results and long may it continue. Hopefully your GP will get your thyroid and cholesterol sorted out. You don’t need anything else to make you ill or worried.