Thyroid problem

Thyroid problem

Thyroid problem I have started a topic for new user njjeanie
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i have recently finished chemo and radium for breast cancer wondered why i wasnt getting better now i have been told i have an underactive thyroid how do i know its not the cancer back or am i paranoid has anyone experianced same

When I had feeling of lump in throat I too thought cancer again! The Breast Care Nurse told me she’d never heard of BC migrating thataway. Eventually it turned out to be an oesophageal diverticulum- totally unrelated to C. Also have needed thyroid pills since BC - that’s unrelated too !
You’ll feel like a human being again very soon after you take your Thyroxine [or whatever pills they give you]- best wishes, dilly

Side effect I haven’t had any problems with my thyroid, but my daughter had to have rads due to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and it caused her thyroid to go under active, she has to take a pill every day to keep it under control not serious just a nuisance.

Hope you get yours sorted.

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Thyroid link I do wonder if there could be a link between thyroid problems and breast cancer. I had a partial thyroidectemy about 8 years before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The nodule on my thyroid was benign but it does make me wonder??


under active thyroid / hodgkins lymphoma I find this subject quite interesting as i come from a brca2 gene family.I am currently recovering from a Bilateral Mastectomy with immediate recon after being dx with dcis. My mum and Aunt have both died from Breast Cancer and their surviving sister who is now 70 has never had Breast Cancer but has suffered from an under active thyroid.Her natural Daughter (but my adopted sister- long story re teenage pregnancy in the 50s) died from non hodgkins lymphoma.I have noticed that hodgkins lymphoma also crops up on this site.