Thyroid Problems

I cannot remember who it was who posted but just to say a big thank you to the person who said their thyroid was borderline and they were retested every 2 months for 6 months. This has happened to me in the last six months and following their advice I asked for a further test after a borderline result and have now been called for a treatment plan. All the time I was thinking my swollen feet, weight gain, dry nails and hair were the side effects of chemo. Now I am not so sure as it is two years since a I finished chemo and one year since Herceptin. I have also read there is a link with bc and I had lobular. Anyway thank you again.

Hi Starfish, I think it was me (not sure) because I was borderline and my thyroid blood tests were done every 2 months for about 6 months and then I was finally put onto Thyroxine. I believe there is a distinct link between BC and underactive thyroid. I’m currently on 50 mg per day and so far it seems to help but my bloods are still done every 3 months.

Good luck and hope you see a good result soon

Hi Peacock and Starfish.
I did post about thyroid, but not sure where the thread is.
My GP had been sending me for blood tests, but my third one came back that it had improved a little.
Will you come back on once your treatment starts as I’d like to know how you are both doing with treatment