Thyroid problems?

Hi. I finished my treatment December 16, surgery and radiotherapy. I started tamoxifen but had horrible se so considered what benefit it was giving me personally I stopped it.
Anyway just recently been feeling unwell and it seems I have thyroid problems. Im currently confusing my gp as my symptoms are flicking between under and over active. No meds yet as they need to work out what type to treat!
Has anyone else experienced this. Im thinking it may be connected to bc / radiotherapy. Would that be normal after this length of time? Anyone else?

Hi, I had a similar problem after my first child (she was around 1 when I finially went to the doctors) I was sent for an ultrasound then referred to a specialist. The problem did right itself without drugs luckily (hope yours will too) & I was closely monitored during my next pregnancy as they were convinced it would happen again (it didn’t!) I was told I have about an 80% chance of a thyroid problem later in life as I had this problem & my mum has an underactive thyroid. 


It hasn’t played up during my treatment for BC but I was lucky enough not to have chemo or radiotherapy. I’ve been on tamoxifen since October 2017 and apart from periods going irregular (only from last month tho) I’ve been ok. I’m 47 so it could be the start of menopause or the drugs!!


Hope your thyroid sorts itself out - it’s a horrible feeling! I eat dried cranberries as I have heard they are high in iodine & that’s good for thyroids so I thought I’d try it!! Google foods high in iodine & see if they help.

Thanks together glad things are going okay (ish) for you. Results of my blood tests say over active although my symptoms are both over and under.
Doctor thinks it’s likely kicked off due to stresses of treatment and it seems not unusual to show a year or so later.
I start (begrudgingly) some meds today so will see how that goes.
Thought I’d left behind the bc but it seems the legacy goes on!