TICKING THE BOXES After diagnosis I decided I was going to live my life differently - This involved:-
Not putting anything off - I have a degree in prevarication!
Doing things I’d ordinarily find risky
Saying yes to opportunities outside my comfort zone, and indeed creating those opportunities in order to completely broaden my horizons.
In fact seeing everything as a potential to ‘tick a box’ in the questionnaire of my life…, and most of all have fun in the process!!

Just in case you are wondering if this is going to be terribly deep and profound, I should tell you that my small group of like minded friends (i.e. equally bored) will be holding their first meeting in either the very roughest or the very smartest venue in our local town, where we will be discussing whether to go greyhound racing, bingo or watching polo as our first event (out of season?) . None of us has ever done any of these things. You may think this sounds really unadventurous but believe me if you inhabit - as I do the world of bookclubs, film clubs, activity weekends, womens groups, charity events etc. with other people who look, dress and sound like you it does start to get a bit worrying, and it’s time to break out, do new things and meet new people.

Doesn’t this sound really good…so why have I still not arranged the first meeting…could it be the old prevarication thingy. Anybody else having a motivation problem? You have a pen picture of my social life if anone can come up with any ideas, you never know it might just light the blue touch paper.

Oh and last one up with Xmas decs again …almost finished…tired and rambling…z z z z z

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Me too I had so many of the same impulses after i was diagnosed and lots of good intentions but how difficult it is to put them into practice. Since returning to work recently i almost immediately slipped back into the way of living i vowed i had left behind. Is it apathy, weakness or sheer lack of discipline i don’t know but i do feel i’m letting myself down. At least it sounds like you have some like minded friends to take with you so maybe you just need to make that first step to help you push each other a long.

Good luck. It is New Year’s Resolution time so maybe it’s an opportunity to start afresh.

Best wishes Kelley

— Thanks Kelley - I note on your profile you are from Norwich - I used to live in Bury St. Edmunds before moving areas 10 years ago, perhaps the apathy has something to do with spending my formative years surrounded by marshes!

Anyway the decs are up at last, although the xmas tree fell over this afternoon and had to be done again and then I HAD to clean the windows - how mad is that! I despair of myself at times.

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    Apologies again wot a nitwit

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Merry Christmas Hi Celeste,

My husband worked in Bury St Edmunds until about 5 years ago. They say East Anglia is the graveyard of ambition but you managed to get out! I’ve just survived Christmas Day entertaining my aged in-laws and wondering why we put ourselves throught these things. One of my “new attitudes” was to be more selfish and worry about others less. But before i know it i’ve opened my big mouth and agreed to have company this Christmas when all i really wanted was a low key relaxed time with just us and the kids - and my own bed!

Hope your Christmas has been worth the effort and you’ve managed to have fun.

Let us know how you get on with your “new attitude” and maybe i’ll find the motivation to follow suit apathy permitting.

Best wishes

Same old same old I was musing on much the same topic this morning as I got dressed.

I looked at my hairstyle and realised that it is exactly the same now as before my hair all fell out last year. In fact if I was to don the old wig no doubt the similarity would be scarey-and how depressing it was to know that I have fallen back into my old ways.

I really did mean to make more of myself this year-go to the hairdressers more often,buy new clothes ,treat myself as I treat others. But here we go again - cutting my own hair ,buying clothes only as necessities rather than treats and definitely putting myself last.

I love those self help books - but never follow the advice given. Its not that I have a self esteen problem either-I know I deserve to treat myself better and my family would certainly back me to the hilt no matter what I chose to do.

I think I need a personal coach to make me do the things I need to do -like take the stairs rather than the lift at work and to resist the lure of junk food rather than cook something proper.

Maybe we could be coaches for each other? Would that work do you think?

Im great at telling others what they should do by the way :slight_smile:

personal coaches! Unafitz…I’m really good at dishing out general life advice to others too and failing miserably to look after my own - although I am improving. Just finished playing badminton this afternoon - and still the weight stays on, but have mentioned the Ticking the Boxes group to a few more friends but still failed to arrange first meeting.

Kelley I think we just have to shrug off our East Anglian genetic predisposition to sloth.

I think this should all be on living with cancer now instead of this heading…look for you there.