Tidy up op!

Hi ladies,

I had my ld op with expander implant in october. My consultant said last time i saw him that he would do liposuction to the side of it as i have excess flesh there, and he may also move the implant over!!
I feel it is more rounded than the other side and thought i would have implant swopped for a more shaped one, when they remove the port.
Has any of you had the lipo and implant moved? If so, is it just an overnight stay, how long is recovery, and is it painful?
I would like to be forearmed for when i see him again in march.
Thanks ladies.

Rosie x


I haven’t had this done but have had a similar experience to you.

I also had (bilat) ld recon op with expander implants in October and last week it was suggested that instead of just removing the ports I could have new implants, which could be moved over a bit!I was also offered lipo for the slight bulge under one arm.

I know this is different as I have been offered new implants but I was told it would only be an overnight stay, very little discomfort and about a week to recover. I too have lots of questions when I next see him! Hope that helps you a bit.


Hi Anna,

Thanks for that. It is very similar to me. Do you know yet when you will be having this op. Perhaps we can compare notes!

Take care,
Rosie x

Hi Rosie,

I have a provisional date for the end of April as I have booked a holiday over Easter and can’t have surgery just before I go away. I see the consultant again before then to make a definate decision about whether to change the implants or just remove the ports. Do you know how your consultant intends to ‘move’ your implants as this sounds like a better option than replacing them?

Does anyone know of any benefits to having new silicone implants rather than the expander silicone/saline combined implants?



Hi Anna,

One of the consultants did tell me early on that i would have the implant changed for a different shaped one (the one that suits a more mature woman! - although he didnt say that!)
However, it was my own consultant who seems to think the shape at moment is fine. I actually dont, because my natural one is a bit smaller at the moment and not as rounded.
I dont know how he plans to move the implant over - one of a long list of questions.

With regards the silicone/saline, i thought silicone were supposed to be softer and a more natural shape, but saline were more prone to wrinkle and are heavier (thats just what i,ve read)

Like you, i would be interested to hear other ladies views on this.

Rosie x

Hi again Rosie,

Yes I have also read that silicone implants are softer and a better shape, I also read that they tend to last longer but when I asked my consultant he didn’t seem to think there was any difference. I suppose he wouldn’t personally understand exactly what it feels like!!

I hope someone who reads the forum and has experience of this is able to comment!


Hi All

I have just come out of hospital (went in Monday) after having an implant exchange, lipo of excess on LD side and nipple on good side moved. All in all I feel not too bad and it was a simpler op than the original LD and M-op. The surgeon used the original mx incision to move the implant, though he did widen it as it was a smaller circle. No idea what the implant is made of - but it is a nice round shape. The appearance is puckered but he says that will settle. The good side looks like the bad side did after the first WLE…circle scar around the areola. Have not had a proper look as I’m all done up in an elastic corset to keep it all together! Interestingly it is not so tight anymore and there is no leaping of the flap when I move.


Jane x

Hi Jane,

thanks for sharing your experience. Hope you are recovering well. Did your consultant advise you not to do certain things during your recovery time, or are you able to carry on as normal?
I wonder if anyone knows the advantage of swopping saline implants for silicone.
Take care,
Rosie x

Thanks for telling us about your experience Jane.

Hope you are continue to recover well. It is interesting that you say the tightness and muscle contractions are less now, as my consultant did say this was one reason to exchange the expander implants and I couldn’t understand how it would help.

Like Rosie I am interested to know what you can do and how long your recovery is expected to be?