Tidy up op

Hello. Hope everyone is managing to keep cool in this weather! 


I had my ‘tidy up’ operation last Monday (after a mini cruise which was a fab ‘cancer free’ distraction! ). So I now have one slightly smaller,  bruised right boob, but it is a more ‘normal’ shape. 


I must admit I wasn’t looking forward to at as my arm movement was back to normal after my wle and didn’t really fancy going back to square one,  but amazingly my mobility is not far off what it was, and its only sore if I forget and try to reach up for something (trying to use it as much as possible while being sensible and not lifting anything heavy or stretching too far).  The worst thing was that the anesthesist caught the nerve in my left hand trying to put in the cannula so if anything even lightly touches my left wrist it feels like someone is giving me an electric shock in my hand,  so probably a good job my right arm isn’t too bad! 


My boob has been quite sore the last couple of days, with the occasional stabbing pain in my nipple area. I went back to see the consultant today for a wound check.  I can definitely feel someone has poked it! He was pleased with how it is healing, so now just waiting for my first oncology appointment.  The surgeon is expecting radiotherapy to start in 5 to 6 weeks,  but I guess I find out the next steps when I go. Not thinking about that this week,  tomorrow is my 25th non wedding anniversary and its my birthday on Sunday! 

Hi, my clear more margin op was Thursday.  Mobility is the same as I went in so phew but pain not being able to drive.  Mine is ok most of the time but every now and again get little stabby pains in my nork.  Just thinking about some pain relief now in the evening.  

From what I can remember from last time, it was the second weekend when things hurt more.  I think it is then that things are knitting together more.  Certainly am still buised and tender.  May take the dressing off tomorrow.  


A butler sounds very good.  My butler doesn’t cope with heat very well…

Hi. I am definitely a bit more sore today,  mainly when the tumour was,  and itchy! I am not enjoying the fact I can feel an itch, but not where I am scratching if you know what I mean.  My boob is lovely shades of yellow too. I just had my first dressing free shower which was nice. Good luck with removing the dressing.  With the last two ops I had stinking headaches on day 10, so drinking gallons of water today in the hope I escape this time!

Eurax cream is brilliant for the itch.  


I too am a fetching shade of yellow.  Am wondering if Farrow and Ball could make a new paint colour ‘bruised boob’,  ‘canary nork’

Thanks, I will get the Butler to pick some up (no useful shops near home!)


I like the idea of canary nork, I need to redecorate the kitchen,  you could add some lovely green spoldges in as well!