Tight chest & long term living

I am new to the forum ! I am on Letrozole and Ibrance, now over 18 months on 3 weeks on and 2 off regime.

I seem to have hurt my shoulder from exercise. However also seem to have a tight chest, I wondered if anyone else has got this from time to time. I was DX with lung mets that have gone from 2.8cm to 1cm in the year. 

Not sure if its anxiety as its nearly time for scan again.

Also like other keen to hear stories of those living long term with the disease.


Hello tinyears, I love your name! I’m on Ibrance and Anastrozole for about 17 months. Sometimes I need to have a week’s break because of low white cell count but seem to be doing ok on 100mgs. in the main. It’s very difficult when scan time comes around. I get all sorts of physical symptoms, but the main problem I have is almost uncontrollable anxiety when it’s time for the results. I think it’s something we all experience in one way or another and anxiety can cause physical symptoms. I hope your scan is ok, I always try and think that they will pick up if there are other problems too, things that people not living with this wouldn’t know about early like we will. I try and feel lucky for that. Do you get side effects from the Ibrance? I get very tired in the afternoons and feel guilty when I have a nap but sometimes can’t keep my eyes open! Fingers crossed for you ?

What do you mean by tight chest?  Can you describe it more?  I have small tumors in my lungs and bones and fluid in the pleural area surrounding my lungs. The fluid has been removed a few times and then reduced with medication.  The fluid makes me lose my breath when I run, climb stairs or an incline or lift something heavy.  I was DX 6 1/2 years ago with stage 4.  No problem breathing otherwise. 

I have sbc in my lung lining and some lymph nodes.  Always have very tight chest, feel like a very tight belt in round my chest all the time.  had fluid removed from pleural of the lung, then had it talced, which helped with breathing, but now 3month on, breathing difficult again.  Awaiting scan results, but really worried and think scan results will not be good.  Im on capecitabine, but feel maybe its stopped working !!

Im 71 and would have loved to have a couple more years.