Hi everyone.

I had a single mastectomy with reconstruction and implant using LD flap almost two yrs ago now. It’s only recently that some of the numbness has gone and I have some feeling back. The thing that troubles me the most is the tightness I get in my back /underarm everytime I do any physical activity. (Simple housework) Is this always going to be the case? Is this normal for me now? Also the cold effects me too. Has anyone had the same op and can give me some advice?




I have had the same surgery as you but it was only 3 months ago so I can’t really answer your question but obvioulsly I am interested to see if you get any replies from anyone who is at the same stage as you.  I am a little disheartened to hear that you are only just getting rid of your numbness and that you are still experiencing the tightness feeling.  Obviously I am still experiencing these things but I was expecting to feel OK after about a year!

I suppose no one else has replied because you need to hear from someone who is a few years post op like you and these people probably don’t come on the forum anymore.  Just a thought xx

Hi there,

I am on a different position from you because I had a lumpectomy and no chemo, just RT, also my operations were only last year, but I have found that the area from my shoulder to my breast is stiffening up. I had stopped doing the recommended exercises as I thought I was active enough, it seems I was not active enough in the right way.

On a visit to my chiropractor for something else this week, she showed me an image of the muscle network that runs from the centre of my chest to my shoulder and side, explaining that any operation in that area is going to disrupt those muscles, and cause them to pull everything inwards.  She assured me that re-starting the exercises would ease the stiffness over time, I guess from now on I just need to keep on with maintenance exercises, but I am due to see the physio at the local breast care centre in the next few weeks.

Do you have a physio attached to your centre?

I hope this helps.