Tightness around chest after bi lateral mastectomy ??

After having two mastectomies  , one radical and one not … i find that I have a constant tight band type feeling around my chest . Discomfort rather than pain …and it could also sometimes be described as feeling as if I have a plank of wood pressing on my chest . 


Is this common , and does it improve with time ? Anybody got any ideas or suggestions .



Jill xxx

Hi Jill

I had bilateral mx (no recon) in April. Straight after I felt fine with no pain or discomfort but that didn’t last. Soon I felt like I was wearing a bra a few sizes too small. It will probably be the scar tissue building up. I found the best thing is to do the exercises they give you and also to massage the scars and scar tissue. I used bio oil until I developed a rash to it so switched to e45 or sudocrem.

Persevere. It does get better. I’m almost pain free apart from on one side which is more due to a prominent rib. Unfortunately its the side I always used to sleep on and I can’t get comfortable now as I’ve lost my padding.

Luv x

Hi Jill, can I ask when u had most recent mx?


I had mine 13 months ago and the tightness and pain is still so bad I cant be without a bra, even in bed. I find the bra relieves it in some way. I cant really massage as ribs etc too tender to touch, due to rads I had 7 years ago when I had wle. Still cant turn over in bed. Hoping for improvement but my nurse says it may never go…

I had the same after single mastectomy without recon. Physio taught me exercises which really helped.
To break up the adhesions that I had.
Can send info on next post if you like

Hello August13
I’m not sure if you still look at these pages, but I’m trying to find ways of relieving the tightness across my chest (double mastectomy October 2017) and tightness of scar. I saw that you had some info that might help and wonder if you still have access to it and could direct me? I’m have radiotherapy at the moment so can’t do any massaging, but could hopefully do exercises to relieve the very tight feeling. Haven’t been able to see the physio still as the appointment was cancelled due to her cold, so it’s been a long wait for guidance!

How is your tight band now? Hope you are feeling strong now.

Thank you x

Hi Loubylou
Interested to hear about silicone gel sheets. I don’t know anything about them and how they work? My tightness is still there, and not getting any better really. I’m seeing physio regularly and she does soft tissue massage which has relieved the top most layer I think. But the tightness is much deeper in, not just on the surface. I found out about deep friction massage but that sounds quite aggressive - with suction and pummelling by a small gadget! Too risky for my ribs apparently. Am being referred back to my oncologist now. Will let you know what I find out there. I suspect he’s going to say, again, that I must wait patiently for it to improve. But info about the silicone sheets would be good if you have a minute. x

Hello All


I had a mastectomy in July 2016 followed by an immediate reconstruction of a BECKER™ Expander/Breast Implant, however, after finishing chemo and radiation my implant is hard and uncomfortable.


I have discussed this with my breast cons. over the months and due to have symptoms of a Capsular contracture aurora-clinics.co.uk/breast/capsular-contracture-after-breast-enlargement-what-is-it-and-what-can-you-do-about-it/  my cons. is going to do a reconstruction putting in a more natural implant in the next month.  


My only concern is that should an infection occur than the implant would be removed and I would have no breast until a time when using my own tissue could be implanted. So should I have it done or just put up with it as it is?


Has anyone else had issues with their reconstruction and had it redone.


Would really appreciate feedback, thank you




How long did this last for you?

im 2 weeks post DMX  

im getting DIEP FLAP in Jan. 
I pray this feeling goes away 


kari xx