Time between finding lump and treatment start

Hi there,

I found a lump nearly 7 weeks ago and am still awaiting a treatment start date.  I wanted to ask, is it normal to wait this long?  I found the lump on May 12th, then had a nearly three week wait for hospital appt, where they were only able to do a mammogram because it was half term and there was no-one in to do an ultrasound.  I came back for the ultrasound a week later, where I was told it was almost certain I had cancer.  I then came back a week later to see the surgeon where I made my treatment decisions, then a week later to see an oncologist.  Now it’s another week on and I’ve heard nothing.  So nearly seven weeks since discovery and three weeks since diagnosis, and not even a start date.  Am I right to think this is a bit too long?  I am going crazy with the waiting, I have two young children and just want to start fighting this thing so I can be around for them as long as possible…

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Hi Pleiades

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Hi pleiades


Sorry you have joined this horrible club. I found my lump mid March, was referred under the urgent 2 week deadline. Was seen end of March and had various tests/ultrasounds/mammograms and was finally diagnosed with grade 3 invasive ductal breast cancer on 14th April. Had surgery on 12th May and started chemotherapy on 19th June.


I had to wait 4 weeks from diagnosis for my treatment to start and it was the longest 4 weeks of my life with that thing inside me. In the early days there is a lot of waiting around for things to start but been told this waiting won’t make much of a difference.


You are in the system now and things are being put in place for you right now. You won’t be waiting much longer now. Love and best wishes to you xxx





 I waited 7 weeks after finding my lump before going to see my GP. Then one week later had my clinic appointment with results two weeks later I was diagnosed  on November 1st 2012, had surgery December 12th 2012 and started chemo on February 5th 2013. I’m now on Anastrazole for at least 5 years. At my first annual check up in February there was no evidence of disease.


poemsgalore. xx

Hi Pleiades


My first diagnosis and wait for treatment was quicker than my second. Don’t read anything into the fact that I have a recurrence, it’s nothing to do with waiting times for treatment. I have been told both times that a delay of a few weeks won’t make any difference because the tumour doesn’t grow that quickly. However, I know that mentally it makes a difference because all the waiting for tests and to get started on treatment is horrendous and by far the worst time. 


My first took 5 weeks from GP appointment to first surgery.


My second time took longer to get the diagnosis because I didn’t go to the fast track clinic on the usual day and so there was a weekend and bank holiday which delayed it by almost a week. It was 4 weeks from tests to first surgery. Then had more surgery 6 weeks later - 3 weeks to get histology and 3 week wait for op. However, I was told by my new consultant that most patients have to wait 5 or 6 weeks from diagnosis to surgery.


I feel I’ve been lucky to get through tests, diagnosis and treatments so quickly and I’m very sorry that you are having to cope with such long timescales - particularly when you have young children to worry about.

My heart goes out to you.


I hope things speed up. At least if you had a date to be working towards it would help.


Take care.