Time between surgery and chemo

Hi everyone 

some advice please.

I am due for therapeutic mamoplasty and sentinel node bx Tuesday next week.

I haven’t been told about staging or what it is receptive to as yet.I had been treated for a cyst having regular drainage before they got a biopsy result from the tissue,so I think he is struggling to give me any further info until he is 100%.

he has said likely I’ll need 5 months of chemo the radiotherapy.

my question is how long between my op and actually starting chemo?

ive had 11 weeks of getting different stories every time I go,so would love to know when things can move on. I’m Mam to a gorgeous 5 year old and have missed out on all sorts at Xmas and his b day as it was Xmas eve I would love to plan something nice with him and my hubby.

im also keeping everything crossed that he gets a good enough margin so I don’t need to go back in for another operation.

thank you and wishing you all lots of best wishes x

Hi jowels, sorry you find yourself on here. It was just under 2 months from op before starting chemo for me. Initially they thought it would be op then rads but after op it came back as tnbc so hence chemo. Take it one step at a time. Button front pyjamas, dressing gown pair of sliders for the operation. If you are having a drain, get dressing gown with big pockets for the bottle and an inside tie bit, makes it easier to carry the drain. Also get a squishy travel pillow to put between your arm and op for after it also helps with seatbelt when travelling in car. A M&S zip front sports bra with racer back was comfy post op and do go up a couple of sizes, I.e if a 36 get a 40, you will be a little swollen after op. The meds will block you up too, so bit of anosol on standby too. If you are to be in overnight, hand cream and lip balm, it gets dry in hospital. Hope this helps a bit and your bc nurse you’ve been assigned should be able to talk you through ever step. Also use the ask the nurse facility on here and the someone like me option too if you feel you need to. ??:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Hi Jowels


NICE guidelines specify a maximum of 90 days between surgery and chemotherapy. Your oncology team will make sure this deadline is met - mine fitted me in on Christmas Eve last year, not quite how I would have chosen to spend the festive season. Five month sounds a long time (some treatments are every three weeks, some are weekly but it tends to add up to 18 weeks minimum) but you get into a kind of routine and we nearly all of us manage it. I do hope it goes well for you x

I’m in the same boat but I’m pretty sure you have to wait for wounds to heal before as lowers your immune system so need to reduce infection risk