Time between surgery & chemo?


Got my staging results yesterday - triple negative 7 mm tumour, 2 nodes in armpit and one internal mammary node seen on breast MRI all else clear. Had a normal mammogram in September. Having mastectomy and ANC on 1st Feb followed by 18 weeks chemo and 3 weeks radiotherapy. Feeling very down about it all today and the triple negative really scaring me - can anyone tell me how long the wait between surgery & chemo is? Still just feels like this evil tumour is running riot in my body & want to blast it with everything I can throw at it - I know another week isn’t a long time to wait but every day is dragging at the moment…

Hi Woodie, you know the worst now and things can get going by way of treatment and that will do wonders for your sanity! There is a lot of negativity surrounding triple negative due to there being no follow on medication to safeguard you going forward but there are no guarentees even with those of us that can take it . I stopped after 2.5 years due to side effects so am on nothing right now either . 

I didn’t have chemo so don’t know for certain but I started radiotherapy within 8 weeks of my surgery, things do happen quite quickly even though it may not seem it right now, you have so many appointments the days will fly by! XxxJo 

Hi Woodie. From my research chemo needs to start within 90 days. I was like you, eager to get on with it all. I was fortunate to start 1 month after surgery. lt gave time for the surgery site to heal thereby preventing any chance of infection due to low immunity from chemo. After surgery you will feel better knowing you are on the treadmill of handling all of this. Please try and remain as positive as you can because a positive attitude will be your biggest friend through all of this. I have my rare moments of being overwhelmed. I have a bit of a cry and then find something to get out of it. Sing along to a favourite song or phone a friend for a happy chat. Good luck for next week.