Time delay before chemo...

I was diagnosed in April this year and still haven’t had my chemo! I go in for a scan tomorrow and after this wait I seriously feel with my worsening pain in my ribs that my liver lesions must have grown so much.how can it be that my wait s so long?

 Hi Deb that is awful that you have still not started treatment yet.i know they need all the information first but this seems too long.i was told 25 May its in my liver.i waited 3weeks for a liver biopsy then saw oncologist 6july.i have pre chemo appt 22 July and should start chemo soon after that.can you speak to your breast care nurse?or oncologist secretary?or pals office at your hospital?i hate having to ring and chase things up but I have learnt if you don’t then things don’t move forward.i hope you can sort things out and treatment starts soon.take care love didi x

I’m sitting waiting for a CT scan with a litre of yucky stuff to drink.if I’m ok will start clinical chemo trial on Thursday next week xxxx

Hiya debs
What yucky stuff ? I have to drink water so yours must b something else ?
What clinical trial are you having ? Is it for ibrance ?

I’m home now - I’m hoping to go on PERJETA Taxotare Herceptin and trial is called Metaphor and I’m in Leicester .because of tge trial they gave me the chslky stuff and dye in my veins xx

Didi we will be having our first chemo in the same week! Hope you are ok and it’s a beautiful day for once x

Deb, glad to see your treatment is underway. Can yo tell me if the metaphor trialyo are going on is just fro HER2+?

It appears that your first line of treatment is a trial or have i got that wrong…i only ask becase i keep getting told i cant go on trials while there are treatments available. I have already missed out on one and am concerned that when i do need one there wont be a suitable one for me to go on. Is Leicester runnin g the triAL? that is close to me…at the moment i’m on list at UCH in London.

Hope all goes well.xx

The trial is for oestrogen pos and her11pos - well that’s what I am anyway.Its been a long wait and I have had tests on my heart etc I will know on Tuesday :wink: xdebx