Time from op to chemo starting.



Received results today which were worse than expected. Gone from grade 2 to 3 and from the three nodes removed one is cancerous, one has microcells?? less than 2mm I think the bcn said… Confused with this as she kept saying 1 node involved but surely its two if the micro thingys are in the other ?? And the third clear. Anyway as I am 37yrs she has advised chemo is definite.  I have to have a clearance though beforehand and cannot have surgery until 13 march, 2 weeks at least to recover then chemo after this. I am worried though as I was diagnosed on the 8th January,  this will mean 3 months before first surgery till chemo starting. I really just want it asap as feel leaving it is compromising my chance of recovery. My bcn has stated this is not the case and the cancer is removed however what if all the nodes left at the min are positive?? Has anyone had a similar time to wait due to 2nd surgery?? Sorry realize im rambling but worried, 


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Louise xx

Hi Lou Lou
This was the same for me, had first op 2nd dec then second op 6th jan…started chemo 7th February. The body needs time to heal between each treatment I believe. I had lumpectomy with a reduction plus SNB and did really well after the op, but the node clearance really did wipe me out…apparently 2 ops close together! So I think this is just standard…oh btw, I had 2 nodes removed on the SNB but the results of the others were clear! X

i think the confusion lies in the term ‘micromets’. Some doctors class these tiny cells as being a ‘clear’ node. so aren’t counted. I had 3 nodes removed, only one with cancer in it - but there was no mention of any micro cells in the others - but there might have been some there. The nodes have been removed, and one was clear, so chemo should ensure any stray cells should be mopped up.


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