HI ladies
I had my second Herceptin this week and was on the drip for an hour and a half.As I was being “untied” the nurse told me that my next one will be for an hour and after that each one will only be half an hour, when I asked why she said new guidelines/research.
Any one else been told the same?


Hi Mary

Apart from the first Herceptin which was carefully monitored, the rest of my Herceptins were given over half an hour. Finished them at the end of March and had no problems with the half hour.

Good luck

Marilyn x

Hi Mary,

I asked at the Marsden where I have been on herceptin now since 2004. I was told they are new guidelines but the Marsden prefer to stick to the old ones of 90 mins for an infusion.


I have mine at Leicester Royal, 8 so far, and they’ve all been 90 minutes

Mine have all been over 90 minutes, except for one which was an hour. It was probably a coincidence but I had a really awful headache after that one. I have heard that many places do them over half an hour.
Good luck

Thanks ladies


Hi Mary

I had all my herceptins over and hour and a half. The herceptin nurse told me that private patients could have it over half an hour. I had it once by mistake over 1 hour (or should I say by a naugthy nurse in a rush) and I was so tired afterwards and couldn’t do anything.



My first Herceptin was over an hour and a half, 2nd was about 40 minutes and the third was 35 minutes. That was just the herceptin and not counting the saline afterwards.

I have my next one on the 19th and will ask what their protocol is. I attend Preston

Liz x