Tips for friend having double mastectomy


A close friend is due to have a double mastectomy. She has been told she only stays in hospital for one night (no reconstruction). And then she will be home and living on her own.

Does anyone have any practical tips or advice to help her prepare? Things like what clothes to wear, or other things you were glad you bought or wished you’d bought. Also it would be really helpful to hear how soon you were able to do things for yourself - like make a cup of tea / dress yourself / cuddle or care for your young children ?

Did you get or need any community nurse support or was it quite straightforward? She has been told nobody will be able to visit from the local nurse teams. 

Many thanks for any advice or tips you can share. 

Dear Bluekanga

Thank you for your note.

Your friend is lucky to have a friend like you looking out for her!

Our team of breast care nurses on our helpline (freephone 0808 800 6000) may be a good source of information on what practical tips could help your friend.

In the meantime I found some resources that may be helpful too:

Sending you our love