Tips on sleeping whilst on Dexmethasone

Hi was wondering if anyone has any tips which might help me I’m taking Dexmethasone following my diagnosis of brain mets was prescribed 8 mgs daily at 1st increased to 16 then currently back to 8 as I have just completed whole brain therapy 10 days ago I take them at 9am so nice and early but the fatigue from treatment is quite bad then I wake in night about 3/4 am and can’t get back to sleep which is having a knock on effect during day anyone else’s tips would be very welcome thanks ?

hello Misty, Having had this problem too, no sleep at all, I asked if I could have prenidisone instead( another steroid) but was told they don’t use that one. All I can think of is maybe take slightly less and earlier. It’s a problem and not enough sleep makes you feel rough anyway.

ramade x