Tired after 6 years

Hi all, I had a lumpectomy 6 years ago, followed by chemo and rads, couldn’t have follow up meds for hormone therapy, as I was triple negative. The thing is, I’m so tired all the time, is this due to the chemo kick starting the menopause, or just me, I don’t sleep very well, hot flushes ?, I feel like I’m getting old before my time, I’m 56, so I’m not old at all, do any of you get the same tiredness?

Hi Munch


Just a thought but have you had a blood test done lately to see if you are lacking in anything that might be causing the tiredness, vitamin deficiency perhaps, and also to check if you are in the menopause now xx


I did not have chemo however I do get tired but it is generally because I have not taken in enough fluid during the day so suffer with fatigue in the evenings


Helena xx

Hi, I had a blood test just before Christmas, which showed that my cholesterol level is slightly above required level, it’s already been confirmed that I am in the menopause, that was done a few years ago and my onc did say that the treatment would start it off due to my age,

Yea, I think I’m going to have to go and see a doctor, thank you ?

Hi Munch - I’ve just read your message and having recently visited my onc after chemo, mx, lymph removal, rads and continuing with herceptin.  She mentioned having a thyroid test after all this as it’s quite common to suffer an underactive thyroid after treatment - apparently it’s a straightforward blood test.  Might be worth investigating.

Hi Jay68, thank you, that might be well worth looking into, I’ll get in touch with the docs tomorrow and see if I can get an appointment, ??