Tired and Drained


I’m still here, plodding along. I’m trying to stay positive but what with the hormone therapy, bisphosphonates and my hip recovery (plus these damned tissue expanders - can’t wait for them to be out - so uncomfortable) I’m feelin a little low…

Any thoughts on how I can cheer myself up? Any of you knnow of any interesting websites?

J xx

Hi Poannie,
Sorry to hear you’re having a horrible time. Feels even more of an insult on a friday night, doesn’t it? when everyone else is happy and relieved cos the weekend’s here. I have no idea what tissue expanders are, but they sound painful!
Can’t recommend anything other than alcohol, cake or something good on the telly. Did you get any DVDs for xmas that you haven’t watched? or you could call a friend and raid their DVD collection - they could come round and watch it with you?
Hope things quickly heal and settle down so you can do a bit more
love Jacquie x

Hi Poannie

Sorry you having a tough time right now - and I do hope that things start to get better for you. Glad you are trying to stay positive, but know how hard this is at times, so well done for trying and remember we are all here to try to help you.

Haven’t really got any interesting websites, unless you are planning a holiday, maybe you could do that, does give you something to do, look at lots of websites for villas etc, and gives you something to look forward to as well, working for me and all booked up now.

Read a good book, sounds boring, but if like me and get into a really good one, does help you lose yourself. Alcohol, well that is always an option to have a few glasses, not sure what else really.

Sorry not much help

Take care

Hi Poannie

No real suggestions - my usual “escape” is a good long walk (can’t do that myself at the mo and guess it’s not an option for you either, so we’ll have to ignore that one). How about a soak in the bath with a good book and a glass of wine and music on in the background? or curl up on the sofa (you can borrow one of my cats for a cyber cuddle) and put a good film on the tv. Not sure that’s any help at all but indulge yourself somehow - whatever appeals. Window shopping on the internet is quite good at distracting as well.

Lots of hugs