Hi everyone, I had a re excision last friday and am feeling very tired and just want to sleep all day. Has anyone else felt like this? I don’t remember feeling this tired after my 1st op which was only a month ago and I’m due back to work tomorrow. My surgeon said I could go back when I feel I’m ready but right now I feel I’m not.

Hello Cara - yes, I had 2 wle exactly a year ago.  Sailed through the first, no problems, didn’t really need any pain killers and got over it within a few days - only pain was the SNB under arm. The second, 2 weeks later, totally floored me and was a completely different experience.  Lot more pain, extreme fatigue etc etc. I was told that it takes a lot to get over anasthetic - I’d never had any operation before so had nothing to relate it too. Please be kind to yourself - I stayed in bed a lot and had my slave bring me boiled eggs and soldiers - my go to comfort food!! Don’t expect anything of yourself, only to take it slowly and very gently. I do hope you’ve got a good slave to look after you too.  Please don’t even think about going back to work yet, and don’t be pushed into it either.  Luckily I had taken early retirement the year, think about what you need, not a job.  You are the most important thing.  The only thing I was concerned about was doing the arm exercises, which again I took very gently, but was focussed on doing them and that helped a lot.  Just had my first annual mammo, and got my letter just now, saying ‘no new abnormalities identified’, so I’m over the moon.  You will get there. Good luck. Christine xxx

Hi Cara I’ve only had the one op so don’t know if having a second makes it worse but I do know I felt really tired for a few days after. I wasn’t in pain & I slept really well at night too but in the day it would just suddenly get me. I didn’t fight it, I just rested or slept when I needed, too. I was lucky in that I don’t work so didn’t have the pressure of that. Is it possible for you to have a few more days off? I mean that might be all you need whereas if you force yourself recovery might be longer. Great news Christine xx

Thanks christine and anita, I tried calling my bcn but couldn’t get through so I called my Dr who has said they don’t want me working at all. I could cry! I’m 27 and have 2 young children and my work is my escape from my mad house. I only just went back after mat leave and my treatment won’t finish til the end of the year. Can’t imagine being off for so long :frowning: