tiredness again !

Finished treatment april 08 mastectectomy lymph node clearance all nodes positive chemo and radio Made reasonable recovery with usual expected fatigue Went back to excercise which makes me feel good More recently feel like the fatigue is back much more so Difficult to identify a trigger Is it normal for the fatigue to go away for a bit then return ?
It is getting boring trying to explain to those around me who then want me to curtail activities which I am uncertain to what helps. obviously leads me down the path of feeling depressed and worried
Does anyone recognise this pattern ?

I finished Herceptin in April 2008 and I still experience days when I am very, very tired - I had this yesterday and had an extra hour in bed whilst OH had a bath. Before I had BC I would keep going and often used to stay up quite late, now I find I have to listen to my body and if it’s telling me it’s tired I have to have a few early nights. I had very severe fatigue on Taxotere where I was in bed for about 16 days out of every cycle. I think a lot of my tiredness now comes from being post menopausal.

Hi sueames

You may find the section on fatigue on the cancerbackup site helpful.
It give lots of information about tiredness and how to deal with it. If would like to read this, the link is:-


I hope this is helpful.

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Sam (BCC Facilitator)