Tiredness and tamoxifen

Hi all,

I’m getting really tired while on tamoxifen, I started it just over a week ago. I’m taking it before bed now which has helped but I’m still finding that by mid afternoon I’m exhausted. I’m starting back at work next week with 10 hour shifts and really not sure how I’m going to do it.

So, my question is, does the tiredness improve over time?

@emarveling  - I’ve been on Tamoxifen now for about 4 years. When I first started it was hard to know whether the tiredness I felt was due to the surgery, chemo and radiotherapy or the Tamoxifen, or probably a combination of all. But as I recovered from treatment so the tiredness also went. When did you finish your treatment? Maybe the tiredness is also linked to your treatment? My oncologist did say that if I did get any side effects that they would probably disappear within 3 months, so to give it time for my body to adjust.

I really hope you feel less tired very soon and all the best to you for starting back at work. Can you speak to your HR department to see if they can adjust your shifts to help you? I am sure there are laws on this, but I’m sorry I can’t advise on that. Evie xx

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I’m sorry you’re feeling exhausted… I’m 3 months down the line and starting to feel less tired.  I take mine at 6.30 every evening.  Although I stop next Thursday in preparation for surgery.  Hoping I don’t go back to the start when I restart!

Take care, sleep well… and use a fan for the hot flushes!



Appreciate this is an old post I am commenting on but interested to know how your journey on tamoxifen went. I am 6 weeks post surgery and been on tamoxifen about 10 days. I take it at 9pm and find myself sooooo tired by early afternoon. Hoping like others it sorts itself out soon. I didn’t have radio or chemo so am assuming it’s the tamoxifen. I had double mastectomy and expander implants. Considering brining my time forward to 7pm.