Tiredness....does anybody get VERY tired after herceptin?

I have been feeling so tired it’s ridiculous I feel I want to go to bed all the time?

It’s particularly bad after herceptin…

I am also taking Tremadol for my bone mets only two a day.

Any advice… I’m yawning now !!! Unbelievable haven’t got up yet!!!

Love Tracy xxx

hit and miss days after herceptin for tiredness, i only have 3 out of 18 left to have and ive been more tired as it goes on. I find that a good diet and when i feel tired i force myself out the house and walk the dogs the fresh air sends it away. Early to bed and early to rise lol hope you feel better soon.

Hi Tracy

I’ve just had Herceptin number 55 (just over 3 years’ worth) and I’m often dog tired. I think I do get extra tired after Herceptin, and I’m on lots of pain meds which will all add to the effect. I just give in to it if I can! The only advice I can give is do what you can to make things easier for yourself generally. Like I’ve got a friend who comes in and vacuums and mops floors for me once a week which is a terrific help. (I do pay her!) And I grocery shop online most of the time.

Hope you feel more awake soon!
Alison x

I’ve had my worst fatique after Herceptin. I stopped chemo 3 months ago. Get Herceptin every 3 weeks. Always a different reaction. I slept day and night for 4 days - it was horrible. Couldn’t eat, couldn’t walk the dog - I’d have been better in hospital in hindsight. My DH only died 6 months ago which hasn’t helped. If this fatique continues like this - I just don’t see the point of anything. I was only diagnosed about 6 months ago -4 weeks after my beautiful hubby died of cancer. I find it so hard to know whats grief, whats treatment, whats cancer effects. But sleeping excessively this week was definitely after Herceptin. Anything to be done for this I wonder?

Starlight…i know tramadol makes people tired.iv not had Herceptin.iv had fec .capecitabine.docetaxol…two round radiotherapy.tamoxufen .letrozole and at the moment I’m on examestane and bone jabs…my husband has prostate cancer too…i do get days when I wonder what its all about …but I also get good days when out with family and friends…so I think we must just carry on with our life…hopefully new drugs in horizon for us…take care Sharon.xx

I don’t know anything about Herceptin, Starlight and Sharon, but I just wanted to offer you big (((((hugs)))) you’ve both had so much to contend with. I feel exhausted when I’m stressed and emotional and that’s without the drug effect. I’m better giving in to tiredness but maybe trial and error to see if pushing yourself works for you?