Tiredness with Taxol

My mum has recently started 18 weeks (6 cycles) of taxol for secondary breast cancer. She has had 2 sessions so far so one more to go before the end of the first cycle. She is absolutely wiped out by it and can hardly stay awake. Is such debilitating tiredness commonly experienced with this form of chemotherapy? The nurse suggested that the piriton administered alongside the chemo would cause extreme tiredness but I thought this might have been temporary. Any experiences would be much welcomed since we don’t really have anything to compare it with at the moment and I just want to help my lovely mum as much as I can.

I have just started the weekly version Molly, three weekly infusions and then one week off. The chemo has hit me harder than my two previous chemos. Joint pains and I feel as weak as a kitten. I understand the regime your Mum is on is the tougher of the two. I don’t think Piriton, I have it too, would cause that much tiredness and not for that long. Are your Mum’s bloods holding up ok? Sorry I have no answers but have much sympathy for your Mum. Chemo is very tough at times. Take care, both of you. X X

I was on it for 7 weeks
I was very ill before going on it and apart from the first day after the treatment when i had a steroid high I felt awful.