Hi all, I had breast cancer 5 years ago, after a lumpectomy, chemo and rads, I went back to work. But I’m always tired, is this normal or is it an age thing, I’m 55. Does anyone else feel the same? I do hope so, it’s driving me mad with no-one to talk to about it.



I’ve just read your post and wanted to reply, not sure I can help much, but I can relate to feeling like you have no one to talk to about it.


I’m not sure about an age thing, you’re only young! What I do know is that cancer treatment can affect people differently, and unfortunately some side effects can be long lasting.


Is it tiredness, or fatigue? Some medications can cause this, eg tamoxifen. Have you spoken to an oncologist or GP about it? 


I finished my treatment in November, lumpectomy, radiotherapy. The radiotherpay wiped me out, but I found that regular exercise really helped, which can be a challenge when you feel tired and lethargic most of the time. Also, I’ve learnt to pace myself, not trying to squeeze too much into my days, and saying no to some things.


I really hope you can find something that works for you, but talking about it is a good starting point.


Take care for now x