Hi All

I was just wondering if anyone could answer my question. I have been on Tamoxifen for a year now and never really suffered any side effects, now this past few weeks i have had to put an line into work and go on the sick because i am totally and utterly exhausted and no matter how much sleep i have i dont feel any better. The pains in my legs are also getting unbearable, gp is doing a few blood tests so i have to wait to see if anything comes back. I keep wondering if its being on Tamoxifen that i am experiencing this. Please let me know if anyone else has felt like this.
Thanls Allison x

If you have suddenly started feeling tired all the time having had no problems till now, it is unlikely to be the tamoxifen. You may be anaemic.

Hi Ally,
tiredness hit me 4 months into Arimadex after all the other crap (sorry treatment) and I cant seem to get rid of it.
Blood tests and a thorough check up hasnt shown anything so all I can think of its delayed reaction to all the treatment. All the way along I got the "youre looking SO well" and the “keep positive” and I kept going as best I could.
But now… I just don`t know.

I dont suppose it helped that I started back to work soon after treatment finished. I`ve recently cut down my working hours to see if that helps.

It can only get better. Chin up.
best wishes