Tissue Expander Flipped

Hi, at appt today, one side of double mx wound broken down, other side leaking seroma. It’s week 8 since op and saw consultant, hoping that improved wounds meant plan for inflations to start. One side fine, other side port missing, appears expander has flipped over. One step forward, three back. To have another op to turn it back and stitch it down. Bit gutted, slow process seems to be gettin slower. Has anyone had this experiance? How much of a delay did it mean for you? Am I just being impatient? Po

Po, I am so sorry you are going through this hell. It seem’s like the reconstruction’s as of late, have been having more difficulties than usual. You are not by any stretch being impatient. I hope this next surgry can get your recovery back on track for good. I had a diep so I have no experience with expanders, so hang in there and I’m sure more will come along to offer answers to your questions. LB, x

Hey LB, thanks for your reply, I appreciate the support. I had previous recon surg in 2004, and had every possible complication. Or so I thought. Had reccurance in recon and new tumours in unaffected side so just had double mx. Radiotherapy last time round meant I knew I would struggle with healing this time, but I had no idea the expander could move around! No more replies yet, maybe it’s just me… Good to hear from someone who has had successful surgery( even if its not the same type) it gives me hope, so thanks again. Po. X