Tissue expander

Has anyone had a tissue expander fitted after a mastotomy and then had radiotherapy. After radiotherapy had an implant fitted.If so, could you let me know how it went/worked out for you. Did the radiotherapy ruin much


i had this op in dec and am really happy with it. Had a an expander fitted straight away, I’m not flat chested so liked the option tho it was flatter initially than I thought it would be. In hospital wed pre, thur op, out by mon, had 3 drains but were all removed. Also had a ANC. movement good, no complications or problems after, started inflation quickly and it’s a good size. I’ve had rads too and bar some firming up I’d say its not changed much, didn’t change or split during rads, no skin changes really at all. Good luck!

My ps has said I can’t have an implant now as I have had radio, I had expander after mx last March. The original plan was to exchange expander with implant. He said I’ll have to have a flap from back or stomach. I’ve opted for the tram flap but I am due to see him again in April as I’m having doubts about such a big op. I’m going to ask again why I can’t have implant, been told in the past its because skin looses its elasticity. My expander side feels quite hard but skin does look fine but is smaller than other side. If I find out anything useful from ps, ill post again.
Sorry doesn’t really answer your question.
Gaynor xx

Thank you so much for both your replies. I feel reassured that i haven’t made the wrong decision. I’ve been very worried as the consultant said he might have to have a flap from back or stomach if too much damage is done by radiotherapy to skin - but I don’t want that done at all.
I am just hoping everything goes as planned and radiotherapy doesn’t do too much damage.
I’ve sent you both a PM.
Once again, many thanks for responses.

Hi Hibald

I had an mx with tissue expander 2 years ago, then ended up having rads as there was an unexpected area of DCIS close to the chest wall they couldn’t get a clean margin on. I’ve no fat so using any other method wasn’t an option, and I finally had my expanders replaced 4 weeks ago. My ps used strattice (she had to apply for special funding as it was a delayed reconstruction) and I think it’s going to be OK. I religiously moisturised my breast every day for 2 years but apart from that I just had to wait. I don’t know whether being small (32B) makes a difference as there is less weight for the skin to hold but she never seemed to doubt she could go ahead.
So fingers crossed for you too, and the very best of luck.