Titanium Clips

Hi. The fact these might has been implanted into my boob, during surgery was something ‘new on me’. Any experiences ladies and particularly have they given you any bother as regards long term pain/swelling. 

Hello Wonky,

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I had titanium clips left inside my boob when I had my biopsys, I have found it feel tender when I touch my boob and swollen a little. The lady said they would always be there even after surgery and that I may set off alarms when I go to airport. Hope this helps a little, I had them in 2017 and it is still same so you learn to live with them.

Hi Wonky - I too had a clip inserted last year when I had my annual mammogram and had to have another biopsy. I haven’t flown since I had it inserted so can’t yet comment on any issues at airports - but I seem to set off the alarms even when I wear no metal at all! Touch wood no issues from them. Evie xx