TN diagnosis question regarding HR status

Hello lovely ladies, lurking a long time so pleased to finally “meet” you all (although I wish none of us had to be here :frowning_face: )

I would just like to ask if any of you TN gals have been in my position regarding your Er/PR status - after biopsies and surgery path reports both state the same: ER+ve(low positive 2%), PR-ve, her2-ve, grade 3 IDC. 
Surgeon v happy with results of surgery, clear margins, no node involvement and no lymphovascular involvement. Said he couldn’t see need for chemo, just the standard rads and hormone treatment.

Fast forward to onco appt and was informed that I “might as well have TNBC” due to such low HR positivity and full course of chemo recommended To say I was blind sided is an understatement. 
So, was just wondering if anyone else has been in this position and what your treatment options/choices have been due to the HR status.

Sorry for the long first post and rambling!

Best wishes to you all xx

Hey Kaylea,

Blind-sided - I’ll say ! How strange to have two such differing views from your health professionals. I can’t answer about your chemo question, nor did I have the same general results as you, but I would say that as you’ve had two quite diverse opinions that another conversation and explanation is merited. I hope you have some replies here to give further input into your decision-making process, but if not then it might be worth ringing the website helpline and finding out if anyone there can give some more opinions/thoughts ?