TN Lymph nodes

I need help someone please…ive had a relatively good day despite everything…but my tn diagnosis with lymop nodes postive (dont know how many) has suddenly just began to play on my mind. Ive not stopped reading other stories on here and i need answers and advice please…i know there are no guarantees either way. i’m so scared. i start my chemo on tues and all of that is beginning to play on me too. xxx

Hi netti. I know how you feel.
I don’t know how many nodes are involved but as the tumour I found was nearly 3cm in my armpit I am assuming they are probably all involved.
Since starting chemo, I feel a lot calmer, even knowing I have another possible cancer on my other breast hasn’t really knocked me for long.
I am scared, but I am going with the thought that the chemo is doing its work and blasting all the cells.TNBC is scary stuff, but I have stopped reading the bad stories on Google now and look at survivor stories instead, there are alot of women still alive and kicking after having this cancer. I am trying to be more active and eating healthier than I was. I am also taking turmeric supplements as I have read these are good for this type of cancer. I am sure once you start chemo you will feel more in control. I feel very let down as they missed my cancer many times but there’s no point on dwelling on it, try and take each day at a time.Dont think too far ahead.I am sure my next wobble will be when my hair starts to fall out but at least for now I feel ok. You will be OK too xx

Hi netti, it does play on your mind even when you’ve had a run of good days. It’s always there in the back of your mind, and I find even something small and otherwise insignificant will set off the over thinking. I had banned myself from googling anything about tnbc because there is almost nothing positive about it out there!! I just keep telling myself that other people’s stories do not dictate my story and I just have to hope and pray that I’m one of the lucky ones. I had 4 positive lymph nodes following surgery, and am starting chemo the Tuesday after you so will be following how you get on with it. I’m having 3 fec and then 3 taxotere xx

Thank you both for your replies. I’ve blasted my whole house today getting ready for Tues. The ironic thing is, I feel as fit as a fiddle. I don’t think I will be saying that this time next week!!.
Foxy, hope your feeling ok with your treatment so far and I’ve got everything crossed for you with your other scare. When will you know what it is. But like I said Thurs, hopefully whatever it is, the chemo will knock everything into kingdom come. Xx
Taran, do u start Tues too?? Good luck with it. I’m getting nervous now. I still havnt told the kids yet?? I know I will need to to, very very soon. But want to hold out until the summer holidays at least. I’m worried about them too. Xxx
I’ve googled a bit today, stupid I know… I’m desperate to feel normal again and care free and loving life. Take care both. Xxx

I’m starting a week Tuesday netti (28th). Hoping it comes around quickly to be honest as waiting and worrying is the worst bit! I’ve not told my kids about the chemo either. They are young so I’m just not sure what to say or how to explain it. Especially as I don’t know exactly what side effect I’ll get. I cut my hair and they know that soon I won’t have any hair at all. But apart from that I haven’t said anything about it. I just can’t bring myself to read the book my bcn gave me for them. I think it’s so natural to want to protect them as much as possible and for as long as possible.xx

That’s how I feel. I’m their mom and I have to look after them. This will make them so upset and I don’t want that. But they are 8 and 11, so they will have to know.
I’ve read stories where women with no node involvement, still have reoccurance. Maybe not as quick as tn, but is still likely to happen. I just wish I had the added protection. There seems to be so many current news about tn research…i just hope something is released soon. I’m scared to ask about clinical trials. My mind is racing far to much ahead…im still so much in denial that this is happening to ME. Don’t get me wrong, it should not happen to anyone at all. Horrible disease.

You couldn’t be more right there, wouldn’t wish this on anyone at all. I think I’ve done so much thinking ahead I’ve come out the other side now and am in denial about it. Got my head buried in the sand refusing to think about the possibilities. Some days it still hits me but on the whole I’m not letting those thoughts in. You’ll know when the time is right to tell your children. Something will happen one day and the conversation will flow that way. I think that’s less scary for them than being sat down and given a big talk about it. I try and drop things into natural conversation when I can, like telling them that I won’t have any hair. Try and make it not seem like such a big deal for them.xx