TN recently diagnosed- older lady


I am 68, recently diagnosed with TN which has spread to the lymph nodes. Had CT scan yesterday and get results next Thursday. Have experienced a lot of pain from both biopsy sites. GP has given me 30mg Codeine which is helping alleviate the pain but also appears to give me nausea. Surprised to feel so ghastly  BEFORE chemo!  Would appreciate any advice and encouragement. Thanks.

Hello CureDars,


Sorry to hear about your diagnosis and that you find yourself here.  My breast cancer was not TN  but  I did not want to bypass your Post without saying hello.  Hopefully someone with more direct experience will respond to you as well. 


Sorry to hear that you are still feeling the effects of the biopsies.  Really hope the pain has reduced.  If you are suffering with nausea from the pain relief, perhaps try with food or discuss with a pharmacist or GP for the best alternative if necessary.  Codeine type meds can be effective but they can also play havoc with your digestive system and especially leave you with constipation as well.


I would not be surprised at feeling so “ghastly before chemo”.  You have been through a lot already which can take its emotional and physical toll, and you are still waiting for some results and no doubt a definite treatment plan.  Is it definite that you are having chemo?  I went through chemo too with its ups and downs so to speak.  In my situation (triple positive), I  just saw it as a necessary part  to get through to  give me the best possible chance afterwards.


 We all need time to process what is happening and to come to terms with it.  It is a lot to go through especially when you are first hit with it and you are playing the waiting game with tests and results.  A lot of people report feeling better once they have all the diagnostic results and the treatment plan is in place. For various reasons, it can be difficult to share things with family and friends at times, or when you are living on your own.  I hope you have people available to support you in whatever way you wish. 


Depending upon your needs, it may also be useful for you to find out what is available in your area such as a Cancer Support Service like Maggies or similar. There are also  lots of sections on the forum where you can receive and give  support, as well as making use of the free Breast Cancer Care (BCC) helpline, the Services offered e.g the  Someone like me Service which will try and put you directly in touch with someone who has walked your path so to speak, the mass of information booklets available from the main BCC site etc.


Best Wishes to you,

Chick x



Hi CureDars, I’m from the Oct’17 group with Shi. I was 57 when I was diagnosed with TN (I’m 60 now) I noticed you haven’t said anything about having Zoldronic Acid alongside the chemotherapy or on it’s own afterwards, has your oncologist mentioned it to you? It’s a bone strengthener x

Hi CureDars


I see you’ve had a few replies but just to reassure you I had some discomfort too after my 2 biopsies, but perhaps not as bad as you. I had a titanium marker put into my tumour aswell. The biopsy site under my arm wasn’t too bad but my boob was rather bruised and swollen. Don’t worry the pain is not because your lump, I called mine Gremlin, is growing or anything. The pain will subside in time. As far as surgery goes, lumpectomy and ANC, I found that far less painful. Only took a few paracetamol and that was purely so that I could really stretch myself whilst doing the arm exercises you’ll be asked to do. Good luck with your ongoing treatment. It’s tough at times but doable. xx   

Hi CureDars,  from another older lady… i’m 69 !!


sorry you find yourself on this site ??

i was also TN,  i put was because i finished my chemo 5 weeks ago.  Grade 3,  2 lumps in left breast, 3 cms and 6 cms…

Worse time is waiting for results… nerves n worry go into overdrive…

once my treatment plan was arranged i def felt more positive and hope you will feel the same xx

pls let me know how your appt goes.  Mini mad xx ??