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I was diagnosed with SBC in September last year (tumour in mediastinum).  In February I found out there was spread to my liver (Taxol stopped after 16 weekly doses) and just two weeks ago as part of the work up to go onto a trial I was told I had 3 lesions on my brain.  In hindsight, I had experienced some dizzy spells and a few relatively mi9nor headaches but having had labyrinthitis previously I didn’t really think much of it.  I had been experiencing some pretty horrible nausea but nonone really suggested this could be due ot brain mets (put it down to the liver mets) but now think it is more likely to be related to the brain mets. I have now been started on capecitibine and am just at the end of week 2.  Its not been too bad so far.

I am finding the brain mets thing really pretty scary and wondered who else is in a similar position?


Carabel x


Hi Carabel,
I don’t have a secondary diagnosis, but sorry to hear you’re going through this. On the ‘treatments & medical issues’ board, there is a thread ‘nearly 4 years in & brain mets…’ where some lovely ladies have posted.
ann x

Hello carabel
Welcome to the forum…I’m sorry you did not receive many replies but like Ann says there is another thread running which might be more helpful and there will be more ladies that can help .

 hi Carabel, 



 its a shocker isnt it , everytime I have a scan they seem to find more mets tucked away . Well I have bone axilla , liver and now brain mets . treatment for now is paxitaxol to reduce liver , then they will look at wbr if liver works , it is a scary thought , but do join the other thread ," 4 years on and brain mets" , ladies on  the thread  put my mind at rest more than onc has done , its not the best diagnosis to have , but dont  dispair I have learnt  loads from this site over the years xx



take care xxx

Thanks everyone for your comments. I will pop over to the other thread you mention. Truffle-Shuffle we seem to have the same(ish) types of mets. Thanks again and I’ll catch up with you on the other thread. Xx