Tnbc grade 3

I was diagnosed on 29th June after I found a lump in my breast and my first chemo is on 31st July, I’m so scared. I’m having taxol & carboplatin weekly for 9 weeks then EC 1 in 3. I just don’t know what to expect even though I was given all the paperwork.

Hi Nikoletta,

First of all welcome to the forum, although sorry to see you’re joining us. I did not have a TN diagnosis, but the other ladies on here will be along to advise specifically. 

There is plenty of support here from all of us, many of us have been where you are now, as well as others going through treatment at the stage you’re at & those of us out the other side.

If you haven’t already, do look at the other boards, such as ‘newly diagnosed’ & ‘going through treatment’ where you will be able to chat to others where you’re at now & further down the line.

No matter what the diagnosis, we all experience similarities in treatment, as well as with our emotional feelings & responses.

What you’re feeling, although horrible, is quite normal as diagnosis is such a shock. It does get better when your treatment plan is in place & you start treatment.  


ann x



Thank you x

I was diagnosed with TNBC grade 3 stage 3 in left breast just before Xmas 2016. I had chemo x6 followed by a masectomy  and finished 3 weeks of radio to the chest wall yesterday. I had a second staging scan on 27 th April 2017 and was told the chemo was effective so I was no longer at stage 3. The reason I was stage 3 was the upper nodes were affected but strangely not the lower ones as the Sentinel node biopsy had shown no involvement.(unusual)

It is a longhaul but worth the try seeing as this can be fast growing. Main thing is you ask to get quick treatment and also that the wait between treatments is not too long. It should be just enough time for your body to calm down a bit . I went into both surgery and rads with chemo effects and am ok.

I found first chemos x3 not bad at all The last 3 not so ( i survived on sweet cold things ef frozen yogurt)

Oh I also got a Pet scan to check out the anomaly with the spread given the conflicting info

Basically if you can get out of this without losing many lymph nodes then In my experience you will have done

very very well. Good luck