TNBC Trodelvy >1 year

Hi there, just wondering if anyone on here has been on Trodelvy longer than a year? I would be very grateful to hear from you.


Hi lovely, I hope you are doing well. I am only starting cycle 3 on Thursday. So far, so good in side effects apart from the hair all going. I am stage 4 TNBC. Mets to bones, lungs, and liver.
I am sorry i can’t help with being on a year, but i am interested to see how you are going on Troveldy.
I haven’t had scans yet, but unfortunately, every treatment, which this is my 5th line in 17 months, i have had progression. I was first diagnosed er,pr positive her 2 negative. De-nova at 49.
But after 3 lines of treatments, i pushed for another biopsy, and my status had changed to TN. I have the mutations pik3ca and TP53. No particular genetic gene was found when i was doing my tests as a precaution of BC having it on both sides of my family.
I am on a trial list for Sydney phase one trials if this doesn’t work. I’m not sure if i will meet the criteria or if i will continue treatments as it’s a long way to travel from where i live in Australia. My oncologist has told me to get my affairs in order now, i have two teenagers that need me. So i am praying this troveldy is the one. Keep strong and i hope someone can give you an answer. Take care :heartpulse: