To celebrate or not to celebrate?

I have my last radiotherapy session tomorrow (well, today now - I have insomnia) and, so far, have got off very lightly. It’s something to celebrate. Yet I have a zolendrate IV infusion soon, 2-3 weeks of possible radiotherapy side effects, chemo side effects like neuropathy which may take months or years to clear, 10 years of anastrozole… A man rang the bell the other day and everyone clapped. He looked sheepish but overjoyed and I choked up with tears for him. But I don’t want to ring the bell. It’s not all over. Am I being a self-indulgent, petulant (rude word)? I think so. I should celebrate. Whoopee, yay, whoop whoop. No, doesn’t feel right :) 

I feel exactly the same. Last session 18th but finding the whole thing a bit of a struggle - and not sleeping, obvs! Very sore, itchy and inflamed, and not looking forward to the next couple of weeks before it all settles down. I don’t want to ring the bell either, it all feels a bit theatrical and too celebratory. Not for me.


Hey ho, keep b@@@ering on, I suppose. Chin up Jaybro xx



I haven’t started radiotherapy yet (Aug),

but I have no intention of ringing any bells!


To me finishing rads is just another part of a long term treatment programme, there are still ten years to go before I finish treatment and the worry of recurrence will always be there in one way or another.


It’s more important to me to try to get my child through to being an adult, that’ll be my achievement from treatment x