To cold cap or not

Good evening, I need your help!!! I’m due to start a tough chemo regime on Monday for 24 weeks.
Now I was totally set on doing the cold capping but my oncologist has thrown a spanner in the works.
When I had my consultation with him he said that he wouldn’t use the cold cap as he wants the chemo to reach every tiny part of my body………now what do I do? One of the chemo nurses just said that she wouldn’t bother with the cold capping as the hair will fall out anyway. I’m feeling so anxious now about what to do. HELP!!

Im Having EC, epirubicin and cyclophosphamide every 21 days for 4 cycles. And then paclitaxel weekly with carboplatin every 21 days for 3 cycles.

Feel in a real pickle as what to do because I can totally appreciate the doctors thoughts, just I hadn’t considered that and was set of trying to keep any hair possible.

I would be keen to know if anyone else has been told this?

Thanks x 


So grateful for this question! I am in a similar situation and look forward to seeing replies for advice! Best wishes, Katie x



i hav completed 7 cycles of 8 

4 EC 

3 Docetaxel 

I hav used the cold cap & kept two thirds of my hair

If you can suffer the first 30 mins I’m sure you will be fine 

Take paracetamol before & every 4 hours makes it bearable 

I bought elastic hair and & placed that around forehead 

hope the helps 

Jackie xxx

There is no guarantee cold capping will work for you. My experience is that the nurses refuse to let you cap for the recommended time, and getting the cap to fit correctly can also be tricky. You have to get solid contact all over your head — use exercise bands to help with that.