To delay or not?

I was diagnosed on 4 Nov. My surgery date has just come through for 23rd Dec. 

This weekend I tested positive for Covid and was in bed for a few days feeling terrible. Starting to feel better now. Doesn’t appear to have affected my breathing but brain still feels foggy.

There is guidance from college of anaesthesics that surgery should wherever possible not happen within 7 weeks of covid infection. 

I contacted my team today and consultant has said to see how I feel and if I feel okay in a few weeks time surgwry can go ahead on 23rd. He did also say that the cancer is small so a delay shouldn’t be an issue. I feel unsure what to do for the best.

Anyone else chosen to delay their surgery for any reason? Was all okay?


I always feel it’s important to trust your consultant. You didn’t say what level of surgery it is but I’m guessing lumpectomy and, if he says it will do no harm to delay, then you can trust that cancer wont be running rampant if you do defer it. I believe the risk is more to do with having a general anaesthetic if your lungs haven’t had time to recover from the infection but it sounds like your lungs weren’t badly affected.

You would have a pre-assessment days before surgery, which might help you decide.

The real question is what are you going to worry about more? A cancer diagnosis is pretty alarming but a general anaesthetic is no small thing. Sadly, only you can decide on this one. 

Best of luck and glad you are recovering xx