To Shave Or Not Shave (my legs) - That Is The Question?!

Summer’s knocking (well, nudging) the door so it’s time to get my milky white and hairy legs out! Now I have a quandary, do I wait a few days to find out if I’m going to start chemo, as this will surely save me the task, or just get on with it?!!  


It’s Saturday, the sun is shining so it would be nice to keep this thread, as it’s intended, light hearted with a sense of humour x

Well, Holly, you’re clearly not in Scotland! Far from shaving, I’m planning just to knit my leg hair in situ into a pair of wooly tights! I’ll spare you the detail on the gusset! ? (not on chemo btw so apols for crashing ur thread but I couldn’t resist?)

I have wind burn from taking dog out in howling gale in North West England today ,jealous…

Definitely shave as despite been on chemo since February and losing all hairs from other locations my legs are just as hairy as before :frowning:
I was sooo looking forward to getting smooth legs as by product but leg hairs seen to pay no heed to EC or Taxol. Or maybe it’s just me… X

Hello lovely ladies. I did it - bit the bullet and not only did I shave my legs and underarm (just the one), I waxed my moustache and had my shoulder length hair cut very short in the same style as a wig I’ve chosen (yep, I’m having chemo). The cut took years off me, my son said I should have had it done years ago, I just hope I manage to keep it! Good luck to you all x

Well done you! Keep pampering and I hope everything goes well.

Morning my fellow hairy legged ladies.


I am so pleased (haha sorry) to hear I am not the only one still with the darstardly leg hair!!


Having had 2x FEC so far and despite losing my head hair @ 3 1/2 weeks my leg hair stubbornly remains put and I was soo hoping to be able ditch the razor along with my shampoo, conditioner and Jolene…:-) BUT I now see this as a massive positive as I find that while chemo hasn’t eroded all my folicles I still have eyebrows and long lashes #winnerwinnerchickendinner


I also have hairier arms than I had previously, I mean seriosly what is that about??, you can’t make this stuff up :smileywink:

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Now I’ve said the unsayable I’m sure these will also now fall out as soon as I hit post so I’m currently saying a silent prayer to the BC fairy to spare me a bit longer while I drink my coffee!!




Ok I’m off to shave my legs (and err possibly my arms) have a lovely Saturday ladies…xx

Thanks Kitt, you too x


Smurf, did you try the cold cap?

Hi Hopefulholly,


Yes I tried the cold cap twice but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I would still recommend it to anyone though as you never know, you could be one of the lucky ones that gets to keep most of thier mane.


They are the strangest contraptions, a bit like wearing a frozen thick swimming cap that is attached to a thick cable covered in the brightest shades of wetsuit material. On my first go I looked like a ladybird and on the 2nd Penelope Pitstop - much to the amusement of my friends and family!


If you decide to do it I hope it works for you!


Stacey xx

I finished chemo on 10 April. Been shaving legs and armpits for around 6 weeks. Weirdly my eyelashes disappeared about 4- 6 weeks after finishing chemo. Grew back quickly but very short and stubby. Eyebrow thinned and fine great. I could cqoowd and kept 50% or so covering. It is thin, it is greyer but its mine!!! Lady garden returned exceedingly quickly as done a lovely new beard… Fortunately very fine blond hair but quite long!!

Oh crappety crap, I really hope I don’t grow a beard aswell :slight_smile: x

I have noticed a fine covering of white fluff over my face too!!! 


I’m still astounded my lady garden has fallen out, regrown and fallen out again and I’m only half way through FEC -T!


Thank god I’ve still my moustache…

I wish we could ‘like’ posts on here! I just hope losing the lady garden doesn’t itch lol !

I’m with you ash! Lady garden, legs and armpits coming back thick and fast. I swear I have to shave more frequently! My beard is coming along nicely too.

Oh gawd, going to be on the lookout for a beard aswell now when it all grows back again ? ? xx

My eyelashes and brows are still AWOL. Head feels a bit bristly here and there, but still have big shiny patches. I look a bit like a badly plucked chicken! Have a few hairs sprouting on legs and they are white. What’s that all about?? :slight_smile: xx