To stop chemo early or not?

Hello everyone,


I have had a really hard time on chemo so far and have been given the option by my oncologist to stop chemo after 3 cycles. The choice is mine to make and I don’t know what to do. I will tell you my experience so far just in case someone has experienced something similar.


*Grade 1 17 mil invasive tumour er + her - removed by two lumpectomys showing vascular invasion and 1of 2 sentinel nodes positive but clinically node neg.


* chemo cycle 1. Docetaxol 100% and Carboplatin 100% side effects horrendous including vomiting, stomach cramps, hives and itching. Hair shedding on day 2. Thought allergic to the antibiotics.


chemo cycle 2. Docetaxol and carbo. Anaphylactic shock reaction after 5 mil of T. Stopped treatment for one week.


chemo cycle 2. Chemo changed. Abraxane 80% and Carboplatin 90% serious constipation. Offered MOVICAL for constipation. Allergic reaction taken in ambulance to hospital. Tinnitus in right ear started. 3rd treatment delayed by one week.


chemo cycle 3. Abraxane 90% and Carboplatin 100%. Constipation and numbness and pain started on day six in hands and feet. Diagnosed Peripheral Neuropathy. 


At at this point oncologist suggests it could be time to stop chemo as the threat of permanent nerve damage.


Emergency meeting called and my options are:


1 more reduced cycle and then call it quits. He says that my chemo dosage with one more at a reduced rate would be the equivalent of six cycles of FEC. Therefore I would have completed the chemo with just four cycles of Abraxane and Carbo.( must be strong stuff)


or NO MORE. Due to the risk of permanent nerve damage in my hands and feet and this could get worse. I would have completed 75% of my chemo treatment.


i should mention that I am having chemo for a 3% total benefit and if I stop now after 3 cycles I would have added 2% benefit instead of the 3%. So effectively 1 more cycle for 1% extra benefit.


ladies I don’t know what to do? Chemo brain and fatigue dose not help at times like these.


I also suffer from a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy so potentially my side effects are worsened by this condition and as the onc says I don’t fall into the normal swing of things and treatment due to this. My Muscular Dystrophy consultant will not comment.


Any advise would be greatly received. My next treatment if I have it has been delayed for two weeks by my request to see if the Peripheral nerve damage calms down.


thanks for reading and lots of love xxx



Hi my sister had similar problems with her chemo and was reluctant to stop the treatment so she had all but the last one. Unfortunately, she is still experiencing problems. I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time and although I was ok with the chemo the first time around I am absolutely dreading it now as I understand many women are experiencing similar issues. Good luck whatever you decide.

I had mine stopped after 4 - I should have had 6. All of mine were TC and my blood counts went too low to continue. My oncologist was happy to stop because I could continue with Herceptin. Had I not been having Herceptin he would have wanted me to have a reduced dose.

For only 1% benefit is it worth the risk of permanent nerve damage - I would say not. I would look at diet and lifestyle herbs and supplements to gain back that 1% - and stay healthy! A difficult decision and one only you can make xxx