To the BCC Host

To the BCC Host

To the BCC Host Would there be any chance of a new forum simply for Herceptin. There seems to be so many of us asking questions now we are lucky to get it as it has been licensed.
Thank you

For Sue46 Hi Sue

I will pass your question on to the moderator and post a reply as soon as possible.

Kind Regards

Forum Host

Breast Cancer Care

Please, no more forums Sue,

Herceptin is widely talked about at present, because it is newly available to those with primary breast cancer. In a year’s time, maybe another treatment will be pushed to the forefront.

Accordingly, I feel it would be wrong to set up a new forum for Herceptin or next we will have one for evey type of hormone treatment, chemotherapy etc.

There is a search facility into which you can type “Herceptin” just in case you have missed a posting on the subject.

Hope the treatment works well for you.


herceptin forum? Hi sue,

quite a few of the ladies who post here also belong to the other site at

where we do have a Herceptin Forum - so if you did want an area where this topic is discussed under its own heading come and join us sometimes.



I find it quite incredible that you say a Herceptin forum is not needed, yes Herceptin has been the NEW WONDER drug,shown on T.V. in papers, magazines etc.

But what we are talking about here mainly is OUR experiences of Herceptin, US the people who are actually taking it, our fears, our worries on whats normal and whats not, surely you would not agree that this site is helpful for the purpose of all those fortunate to be taking the drug, and just wanteig a little re assurance

Likewise when the next NEW drug comes along, after all, its all this information we don’t get from the professionals that we do get from talking to each other


I agree with Holeybones Yes herceptin is new in being used for people with primaries but not new for people with secondaries.

There are loads of of new and newish drugs and I think having a separate forum for each would make the forums unwieldy.

Do we need separate forums for tamoxifen, arimidex, taxotere, taxol, carboplatin, capetibane, vinorilbine etc etc? I think the Undergoing treatment and secondaries forums provide the right places for people to discuss treatments and side effects and the search facility on this site is good.

best wishes


We do have an awful lot of forums.
In case anyone hasn’t already seen it there’s the site too.

I would have to agree I don’t think it is a good idea to base a forum on a drug. Not even her2 support is solely about herceptin, but rather about treatments for a particular type, which goes far beyond herceptin. There are estimated to be at least five distinct types of breast cancer, so even just basing forums on types would lead to loads of proliferation.

It would be helpful, though, to have a way of searching just the chatroom for new threads (most recent first) containing particular key words. For example, now that I am coming to the end of a year of herceptin, I try to find the herceptin-related threads to answer, but I know I often miss some. If the search facility were better, I would be able to pick up on those queries much more easily. I find that the search facility at present doesn’t pull up the sort of information I am looking for and I know that a long term IBC survivor who keeps an eye out for new-diagnosed women with IBC recently missed some postings she would have wanted to answer right away.

no more forums another one who agrees with all thats been said

p.s Herceptin is only awonder drug at what ever stage and in what ever combination it is prescibed IF IT WORKS

I think Herceptin has been over credited in the media…they’ve portrayed it as ‘the wonder’ drug’ but ommitted to say about its very severe side effects…which results in the treatment being stopped…and as its a new drug do we know that it is actually as effective as we’ve been lead to believe…as slp11 says…its only good IF it works


Slp11 Have you escaped from hospital???

karen x