To work or not to work?

Just had my first meeting with the oncology team today.

I am having chemo first then surgery.

I know its going to be hard but trying to stay positive.  I live alone, but have a great support network with my sister although I think she’s got me selling the house and moving in with them already lol?

I have tried to tell her I need to handle this my way and do as much as I can, think its the only thing that will keep me going, although she is being very negative saying I wont be able to work through this.  I realise the treatment week is going to be hard but am I being unrealistic about going to work if feeling ok on the recovery weeks, or am I just going to feel permanently crap for the next 6 months?


I have just finished my journey - jan to sept - chemo, surgery and radio and worked throughout.

I work for a small co and SSP would not have paid my mortgage but tbh the whole co worked from home in lockdown so I did the same.

The days I needed to rest I did but mentally I needed the distraction as I am single.

Do what is right for you.

Good luck xx

Hi Jojo

I love how positive you are being, in spite of the shock of a b-c diagnosis. I also truly admire (no, I’m awe-struck) at how Lou has moved through chemo and how you hope to. Go girls!

Just to put a damper on things, I’d suggest you have a back-up plan ready with your employer (who is obliged by law - The Equalities Act - to register you as disabled now, which impacts on your employment rights). No one knows how they are going to react to chemotherapy. The same treatment plan affects different women in different ways. Speaking from the perspective of someone reduced to zombie status, just have some alternatives ready (working from home, reduced hours, flexi-time, whatever) and make sure your employer appreciates how unpredictable this all is in case you’re one of the unlucky ones.

I hope you remain upbeat and cope well. It’s not easy physically or emotionally and, as I said, it’s unpredictable so just allow for a little flexibility and please don’t beat yourself up if you fall short of your expectations. I wish you all the best x