Today I was told I couldn’t go to Royal Marsden after all

I cancelled the Conquest appointment on 9 May 2022 as a nice woman yesterday at the Royal Marsden said I could go there with a referral from my GP surgery. Oh no I can’t. So I now have no appointment and it looks like I will have to go to the Conquest which only gave me an appointment with a radiologist on 9 May 2022. Their leaflet says they operate a one stop clinic where you will be there either all morning or all afternoon. But the only appointment I was given on 9 May was at 4.30 ishwith a radiologist. So I had concluded they only gave me this appointment so they met the target of seeing me in the 2 week target period. They are a well established team so they are probably experienced in the art of massaging NHS figures. They will always meet them. For some reason they don’t have targets for the patient experience which is measured, but as they don’t report on it or set targets low scores don’t count.

I feel thoroughly depressed now.I don’t approve of private healthcare so I would never go private but I am sure I would be fitted in very quickly if I jumped the queue. Unfortunately the ‘choose and book’ service isn’t offered to cancer patients or potential cancer patients who have to be seen inside 2 weeks. What a shame that is.

Hi there, my appointment was 4pm …it was a one stop shop evening clinic which ran until 8pm .

Hope you get sorted soon