Today's a good day, because....

I’ve found this forum, thank you!
Chocolate tastes nice again after months of weird chemo mouth.
Ditto a nice cup of tea!
The sun’s shining, but not hot enough to set my prickly heat off again.
New booby not quite so tender today.
It’s Friday, so it’s fish n chips for tea.
No hospital appointments for 11 days.
My son has worked out what the washing machine is for.
My eyebrows are growing back!
Found summer skirts in my wardrobe that still fit…


What a lovely post Ali. Hope you enjoy your fish and chips… and that the skirts still fit afterwards :wink:

I love to read posts which have a sense of humour shining through despite all the trials and tribulations all we ladies have faced,are facing or will be facing.Today is also a good day because the sun is still shining,our opening olympic ceremony did us proud and hopefully are olympic athletes will do so too.Its good to be British at the moment and will be forgetting about bc for a little while and enjoying the next couple of weeks.Good luck to team GB and all you wonderful ladies who use this site.

Today is a good day because I FINALLY found the house where my daughter had camped out/partied with friends. If only she’d said "oh you have to go through the barriers that are locked/cctv watched and say in big red letters NO ENTRY, by buzzing a small and I swear hidden button to speak to a really nice security lady.
Oh to be young, unfazed and utterly beautiful

Donna xx

Like dib, Di, I loved the opening ceremony last night, great music, with that great drum beat too I was jigging and doing ‘jazz hands’ on my sofa. I heard the news that London had been awarded the Olympics while I was in my local chemo unit having my bishosphonate infusuion. I never thought then I would still be alive to see it. (I’ve been living, living well, with secondaries since 2003) and was moved by the tributes to both Great Ormond Street and the NHS. The NHS may have it’s faults but I totted up my chemo costs last night and those alone come to many, many thousands of pounds. Humbled. Today is a GOOD day. x

Yes it is Belinda, wishing us all many more of them too xx
Watching the opening ceremony last night and feeling tired I said I wished I had the energy to run/jump/swim etc… But then decided I could do very well in the 24hour hot flush marathon, the all day hospital appointment and waiting room patience endurance event, and the 10 yards to the sofa crawl. :slight_smile: