Toe nails and hot weather!

Loving the heat but… I have white chalk where toe nails were on my left foot and only 3 discoloured nails on the right. Just in time for open toe season.
I wonder what others do? I have swollen ankles through herceptin/high blood pressure too. If I wear foot covering shoes my feet kill - partly through neuropathy. Do other say what ever and go open toe? May sound silly but it is becoming an issue I didn’t anticipate!


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Hi…I had the same problem last year…hot weather…what there was of it…and nasty feet…I had dreadful periphal neuropathy in my feet and invested in a pair of Cushion Wear shoes…mods…sorry if I have breached any rules…just trying to help…they were v comfy whilst not bad looking and not expensive…apple

I have lost my big toe nails in the past, to field hockey injuries!, and they do take an age to grow back, even when you have otherwise healthy nails.

I finally decided that in truth nobody is going to notice them near as much as you do yourself, and if they do and it upsets them, well, not your problem!! This is the current approach I am taking with my hair loss, and it works for that too! So I say, wear what is comfortable and don’t worry about it. I’m not wearing a wig, and if my head is hot I bloody well take off my hat ( if I’m wearing one!)

My mum had a favourite little ditty, no idea where from but goes like this:

I know that I’m no beauty star,
There’s others more lovely by far!
My face, I don’t mind it; I’m standing behind it.
It’s people in front get the jar! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your responses. I agree on the wig front - I needed mine to keep warm through the winter but have totally abandoned it. Luckily I now have a covering - about 2cms. I am wearing open toes at home but I visit schools and it makes me feel conspicuous so I think I will look at the Comfort Shoes and cut out loafers. My mum would have loved this - I now have to wear the sort of bra she tried soo hard to get me into and the move to sensible shoes would have felt like a triumph to her!

I’ve just had my first ever pedicure in prep for chemo next week, and have had the darkest of plum polishes put on. I look like I have a row of damsons on my feet :). Hopefully this may protect my toes a little- toesies crossed! Xxx

My BCN advised to paint nails with dark polish as chemo makes them light sensative. I didn’t lose my nails, I even ket getting my acrylics done throughout. I think it depends on what drugs are used. I was on FEC - dropped plan for Taxotere as tumours responded quicky to FEC. Heard that Taxotere is the nasty one. Can only adivise plenty of vitamins & nail care, your nails & pretty much made up like your hair, yet we don’t care for it the same?

It was Taxotere that saw them off. Mean that this point comes months after chemo, when the rest of you is ready to move on! The on going herceptin makes nails brittle so I have been advised against acrylics, though they are top of the shopping list in October! Sally Hansen is making a fortune out of me at the moment! I have found some ok cut out style loafers/shoes that I will have to wear this summer. I love my new hair - just use baby products and it is so soft! The dark grey is something I am getting used to too.
Thanks everyone - onward and upward!

My nails are a mess as well, they keep spilting, my toe nails are a mess, will need to paint them. On the up my hair is a good covering but grey, will need to think about getting the dye out once its at a lenght to dye.

My nails are a mess as well, they keep spilting, my toe nails are a mess, will need to paint them. On the up my hair is a good covering but grey, will need to think about getting the dye out once its at a lenght to dye.

Hi everyone,
Yes I am also suffering with nails, my chemo ended in January!! It wasnt til I started radiotherapy that I had problems, lost three toe nails, and finger nails keep splitting half way down look well grim. My toe nails have grown back a bit but still not the best so have been able to wear my sandals with nail varnish on the bits :slight_smile: I had fec and t and kept my nails a dark colour all through chemo and everything was fine then!!
Not wearing my wig any more even though hair is not that long yet and is curly Im used to long and straight :frowning: never mind I suppose onwards and upwards :slight_smile: love the verse Morwenna xx