Told I have Breast Cancer following mammogram ultrasound - Waiting biopsy results



My name is Liz and i am 50 suffering with menopause and all that comes with it and now this. And I am scared and depressed 


I found what seems like such an obvious lump in my breast about 2 weeks ago, I am pretty confident it wasn’t there 2 weeks before that as i just found it running my hand over my boobs to see if they were tender in lue of my irregular period and it seemed massive! Doctor had a feel said she was confident it was no cancer but referred me on the 2 week rule. I attended the breast screening clinic last night in Burnley, Lancs.


I went in alone as I was so sure it was a cyst so big and so sudden. But as things progressed in the clinic I felt it wasn’t so simple. I went for the first mammogram no sooner had I sat back in the waiting room I was called back for another for a different position (side view) then I was sent for a ultrasound which I wasnt expecting. And it was here things turned sour. I asked the radiologist (?) who performed the ultrasound if it was a cyst and she replied no, I asked if it was a fibroid and she replied no, I asked if it was a benign tumour and she replied “I would be surprised if this wasnt cancer but its totally treatable” I just burst out crying as they continued with the biospy of an apparent 2cm mass and a suspect lymph node which she described as “borderline and could be just normal for me”


At this point they asked me if I had anyone with me and i texted my partner who was in the car outside and told him it was cancer. We both saw the consultant me in anabsolute daze and she said “It wont sink in now but over the next week it will sink in and you need to be prepared for the follow up appointment as we discuss treatment once we have the biopsy results back” She said it was “contained” and what I was feeling was not the lesion but the flesh over it because it is deeper down. She said it was “only 2cm” and “even if it has spread to that one lympth node we can take that out too and it is still contained” She mentioned chemo and surgery… I thought it was a cyst. I am terrfied and I cant “think positive” how can I after those words?

Hi Liz,

I see you’ve had a response on your other post, so do look at what was said there from our lovely forum members if you haven’t already.

We’ve all been where you are now, so what you’re feeling is quite usual, as it is such a shock. It seems they’ve been quite clear with you about it, but things only get finally conformed with the biopsy results.

Honestly, do go with what you’ve been told, bc is very treatable with excellent outcomes, with the vast majority of us getting through it all & back to life as usual after treatment. I’m 3 years down the road & just fine as many of us are.

Once you know what you’re dealing with & the treatment plan is confirmed, then it does feel a lot better & the feelings you have now will resolve somewhat.

Do come & chat or vent when you need to & if it’s confirmed, then do look at the ‘going through treatment’ section, where you will be able to chat & get support from others going through similar.

ann x



Hi Liz

I’m so sorry you are having to post here, but welcome. I’m 51 and was diagnosed last summer with stage 2 cancer, after finding a lump just like you. I had surgery and I’m now back to work and getting back to ‘normal’.

It is a huge shock, but you are living through the worst part right now and it will get easier. Until the biopsy results come back, no-one can be certain but, if it is bad news, there will be further tests and then a treatment plan. When you get this, you will feel much better as you will know what’s going to happen.

You will be allocated a designated nurse. They are an absolute godsend and will support you through this.

I had a mastectomy and, like you, they mentioned chemotherapy and radiotherapy but I didn’t have either of these in the end. I had an Oncotype DX test after surgery, which can assess exactly how your tumour will react to chemo so, if it’s not necessary, you won’t have to have it.

You’re at a stage where all the medical staff are being extremely cautious, so it’s a bit of an information overload.

Do use the forums here, they are full of wisdom and friendship.

Try to take it easy and do things you enjoy. It’s hard, but go out for coffee or for a walk, or something else you enjoy doing.

Take care, Chocxie x