Told not to be silly

Hi everyone

This is my first post, so bear with me. I am 33 years old with a large family history of cancers, and so am already high risk as i am told.

I have always been very aware of my breasts and how they feel. Over the last year, my left breast has changed, developing 2 pea sized lumps on the lower inside quadrant, that i just assume are fibrous tissue build ups. But over the last 2 months i have developed a large dip, not in the skin, but in the tissue, on the outer side of my breast.

When i say dip, i mean if i lay down on my side, you can physically see it, and if you put your ha d there you can feel a void the size of a £2 coin that goes down to my ribs. As though a drop of acid has just sunk all the way down, eating the breast tissue and ducts along the way.

I have also developed a smooth long, painless lump begind my nipple, that again i assume may be a cyst.

Anyway, the last month, i have the most uncomfortable, tickly, pins and needles like, crawling feeling right begind my nipple, which radiates the the big dip, and then all around that one breast. I have a small amount of dull pain so sometimes, nothing major, but if i had to pinpoint it as a feeling i would say a dull pain.

I am very aware of my breast and i can “feel it” some activity constantly going on and fizzing away in there. I also had a small amound of clear discharge over 3 days which has never happened.

I took my concerns to my GP last week and she agreed the dip is there and unusual, and with family history, she advised an US and a BRACA test.

I got an urgent referral to the breast unit, and i was seen yesterday. On arrival i was made instantly uncomfortable by a nurse who on asking my background before i was seen by the doctor, mentioned i was being silly because im only 33. I was gobsmacked, already so nervous as i had gone on my own, and close to tears.

The doctor came in, very stern, stiff upper lip kind of woman. Told me to lie down, literally ran her hands over both breasts, missed the lumps, abd astonishingly told me, that its big lumps i need to worry about, not disappearing tissue ?

She then said there was no point in an US and if i wanted a BRACA i would have to ask my mother to do it as its hereditary, or go private.

She then told me i was free to go. I was honestly left dumfounded and numb. My mind has not been put at ease, my boob is still taunting me with this tingling, i still have a dip in it which seems to be getting bigger, and theres a weird ache behind my nipple.

I dont want to go back to the doctors because i feel so stupid, but i also dont want to get to the point my boob is falling off.

I really need some advice please

Jojo 85 my heart is breaking for you that you’ve had such dismissive treatment. You have to go back to your doctor and ask for a second opinion or you’ll never be able to get your mind at rest. The treatment you’ve had couldn’t be different to the support and care you need so please go back and see your GP. If your GP can set your mind at rest based on what they’ve been told that’s ok but if you have doubts you must pursue this. Stay strong lovely and you are definitely not silly xx Melanie 

Thankyou Melanie. I think i will leave it a few days and make an appointment. Im just really disheartened by it and do actually feel silly xx

Hi Jojo,
Your experience really is not good enough & you should not have been made to feel the way you do now. It is certainly not what the majority of us here experience at the breast clinic. Usually, we’re all very happy with care received.
Don’t be put off by this, when you feel calmer, do go back to see your GP, say what you’ve said here & ask for a second opinion as you have no confidence in the ‘asessment’ done. Ultrasound examination is standard & goodness knows why you were told there was no point in one. As for the nurse, yes it’s unusual, but bc in younger women happens too, as we are all well aware.
It may also be an idea to talk it through on the bcc helpline here.
Do let us know how you get on & here if you need us.
ann x

Its so nice to know that i am not being silly, thank you all for your kind words, i will keep you posted xx