tomaxifen--what else is in yours

Hi,picked up my tomaxifen today. Checked the list of ingrediants and it has maize starch in it. I have a severe, put me in bed reaction to wheat, and have to go very careful with any other form of starch. If i am low they can give me the same reaction as wheat, or if I have too much it can too.

The nurse said i have to go to the medical information department to get them to sort it out, but I am a bit tied up this week. So… could you look at your pack and see if your brand has starch listed on the ingrediants.



Just checked, mine include maize starch and pregeletanised maize starch.The brand I have is Wockhardt.


oh i should have said that–that is my brand–thanks for checking

Hi OAL I am on APS and it says that it has sodium starch glycolate in it,

Best wishes


I was on UK Generics until yesterday! That has mannitol, maize starch, croscarmellose sodium and magnesium stearate.

As of yesterday I’m on Wockhardt… as above

Change becuase that’s what the pharmacist gave me - but hoping it might reduce the boil ‘n’ drown effects, you never know.

I believe there is a liquid form, but don’t know how widely available it is.

There are about three main brands I think

oh found the liquid form, seems to be on the site of private clinics. Its got alcohol in it–whooohoo.