Tomorrow :(

Well I’m now counting hours instead of days. Praying all is okay but have convinced myself that it isn’t. My left breast is so painful and has a very tender lump that II’m sure wasn’t there 3 weeks ago when I visited my gp.
so very afraid of what is going to be found. :frowning:
This really sucks big time :cry:

I hope you will be alright. I have my consultation tomorrow to get results. I can’t stand the waiting either. X

Good luck ladies with your appointments today x hope all goes well and you both get good news x

Appointment time is 2pm. Have hardly slept. Feel sick. And on verge of panic attacks. Have been googling like crazy. I really don’t know how everyone on here holds it together so well. I’m a shaking quivering wreck :cry:
Convinced it’s ibc. My boob is so tender and lumpy :frowning:
My boys 13th birthday today too. Have given him the day off as I probably won’t be home till late so have to hide the panic as best as I can for his benefit.

Just wanted to wish you luck today, will be thinking of you. I’m sure everything will be fine although i know you won’t believe that as i don’t when people tell me. I too have convinced myself that i will get bad news & bizzarly i’m wishing for some pain as my lump isn’t painful at all which i don’t believe is a good sign either :confused: … i’m rambling & taking over your post now - sorry.


I hope your little boy manages to enjoy his birthday & i really hope you are celebrating your good news later today.


Big hugs sweetie, please let us know how you get on. xxxxx

Am thinking of you both too. I do hope that it is good news. Do let us know how you get on.

All okay :smiley:
Fibrocystic breast. Lump was/is quite defined but no need or cause for worry.


Fantastic news. You must be soooo relieved.

Get on with your life again and enjoy!!

Best wishes

So happy to read this post & have sent you a message xxx

That’s great news fairyb so happy for you xxx I’m hoping for the same tomorrow and I’m pretty confident it will b nothing xxx All the best xxx

Hi fairyb


That’s fantastic news


Jaye x

Thanks again guys. You lot rock!
Amazing people coming together to help each other x